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FAQs on all types of topics such as:

Website feature usage

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Notices that are posted to inform members and or public of MARCA meetings.

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Amateur Radio license & VE testing and certification articles.

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Presentations made by MARCA members or to MARCA members or from events of interest.

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This is a series of RPi Sessions focused on establishing an Echolink Repeater using the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B. The Echolink application is svxlink.

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Announcements of general interest

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MARCA Repeater Information

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Articles relivent to the W7MOT DStar Repeater

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ARRL Field Day Information and Participation by MARCA

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Articles pertaining to Frequency Measurement Tests and similar interests

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Hamfest Information

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2018 Hamfests

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2017 Hamfests

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2014 Hamfests

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Software Defined Radio - this is a Blog of Articles by MARCA members on their SDR projects. See the  <<Downloads>> <<SDR>> for any a collection of SDR information. Check for any <<Links>>> pointing to references and sites.

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