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Agenda (Norm, aa7oo, a work in progress with changes everyday)
Call to Order (Norm, aa7oo)
Introductions (Norm, aa7oo)
Members & Guests
Program Arduino, Marc McComb, Senior Technical Marketing Engineer, Microchip(Dave Hall, n7zpy)
Break (5-10 minutes)
Business Meeting
Approve Minutes for March 2014 (Jessica, kf7mba)
Treasurer's Report for March 2014 (Don Aldridge, wa7rll)
QSTs (Norm, aa7o)
Yavapai ARC Special Event, 6/30, volunteers
ARRL FMT 2014 update
SDRStick TX2, SoC, BeRadio A9
Members register on new website
QSTs from the floor
Old Business (Norm, aa7oo)
Membership Report (Don Aldridge)
Volunteer for Technical Chair (Norm)
Work Party - Donation Pickup (David)
Elmer Programs Ownership Assignments (Norm) 
VE Certification ARRL
New Ham Licensing
License Upgrading
Mesh BBHamnet
Field Day (Don)
Sponsor Valley Fox Hunt (Paul)
Club Promotions (Norm)
Business Cards - Hamfests - Members (Bill)
Web Site - Open Up and promote Club Expertise & Skills (Norm)
Purchase new projector $450 (Dave, n7zpy)
new item here
Technical Committee (Norm, aa7oo)
Chair Report (Norm, aa7oo)
Repeater Documentation (Norm, aa7oo)
Repeater Reports (Site Managers)
Dstar - White Tanks - 96 registered users (Norm, aa7oo) 
Chandler 440 - Mark
Chandler 900 - Mark
Mt Elden APRS - Mark
South Mt 900 - Jim
52nd St - Rod
Hayden - Jim
New Business (Norm, aa7oo)
Field Day planning status (Don, wa7rll)
Board Meeting
Williams Hamfest - 18 & 19 July
Club Interest Groups (Repeaters, MARCA Nets, SDR, MESH Networks, FMTs, Contests, & other)
Open to the Floor