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Call for Nominations of MARCA Officers 2021-2022

Per the MARCA by-Laws amended 2005; every two years, MARCA is required to hold an Election to elect Officers and Directors for a term of two years. The Past President, is a voting member on the Board of Directors and is the Election Committee Chair to facilate the Next Election Process.

The current Past President is Norm Johnson, aa7oo.

Call for nominations of Officers and Board Members to the 2021 through 2020 calendar years.

Nominating Officer positions and responsibilities are:


Considerations for Nominees:


Considerations for a Nominee to accept Nominations;


You are welcome to contact any of the current officers or board members to discuss the details and responsibilities of a position or any other questions. If you think someone else might be interested, talk to them and encourage them to be nominated by yourself.

Nominations should be sent to the Nomination Committee member:

Past President, Norm Johnson, aa7oo, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .
Secretary, Paul Bennett, kd7kdo .
President, Dave Hall, n7zpy .
Ray Vasquez, k4rmv .


Election of Officers will be done by secret ballot in December 2020 and announce at the now scheduled December 2020 General Membership Meeting. Further instructions on how to Vote will be announced at the November 2020 General Membership Meeting.


Norm Johnson, aa7oo

current Vice President
Past President, MARCA