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Pinal Peak Repeater Site

The site is located on Pinal Peak about 60 miles east of Phoenix,and about 30 miles south of Globe at an elevation of 7764 ft. Situated on the southern edge, litterally on the edge, of the mountain it has fantastic views of the south east Phoenix valley and south toward the north west Tucson valley area. This is one of the predominate mountains to the east. It is a site that provides excellent RF coverage to the Greater south eastern Phoenix area.

At this elevation most of the major mountain peaks in southeastern Arizona can be seen, provided the air is clear and no low flying clouds run into the mountain. It can be extreamly windy and a bit chilly most of the time. Winters will find deep snow, making visits during this time impossible by vehicle.

This is an ARA, Arizona Repeater Association, hosted site. MARCA has installed several repeaters within this shelter. The site is powered with AC prvided by SRP. All repeaters are powered from a site 48 vdc battery plant.

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