Who Is On-Line:

Technical Committee

W7MOT Technical Committee


Technical Committee Members:   The MARCA members listed below comprise the MARCA Technical Committee. Please use the email form to contact the respective member. Any Officer or Board Member may also be contacted in the same manor. Ensure you leave your name, contact information, and nature of issue. 

To Send an email;  "Highlight" contact's "Name" ("mouse over" cursor); then "CLICK".  Next; "CLICK" on "Contact Form".  Next; fill in your contact information (at your discression include phone number) and then your inquiry content.  Recommend you "Check" the "Send copy to yourself" box.     Finally; "CLICK" the "Send Email". Please allow a day for reply.

To Call; You are welcome to contact any of the Officers and Board member via phone, if a phone number is listed,  Some are using Google Voice to redirect your call to a "private" number; Listen carefull for any special types of recordings and instructions as Google Voice does not operate like a standard mobile or land line service.  

To Report a Repeater Problem:      Click Here and you'll be redirected to a Report A Repeater Problem page. Its a simple notification form that will imediately email a notice to all of the Site Managers with your report. If you leave contact infomration, someone will contact you shortly.