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Forgot Your Password or Forgot Your Username

From time to time we all have a problem remembering passwords. Not a problem.

This website has an auto password reset feature which will reset your password to a computer generated temporary password and send it to your "email of record". Takes about 10 seconds. This is a very similar process as used on many websites, nothing out of the ordinary. Below you will find the instructions in verbose detail.

     1. Go to the Logon page by clicking >>Logon button on the TOP menu or under the <<Main Menu>>.

     2. click on the "Forgot Login?" link. A new page appears.

     3. Now you have your choice of recovering either your username OR password, but not both.

     4. check "Forgot Username" or "Forgot Password".

     5. check the "Forgot Username" will require you to enter your "email of record".

     6. The system will email you an email containing Username. It does not send you a password and it does not reset your password.

Note: The email should be in your inbox in less than 60 seconds. If it is not, your email of record may be different than the email inbox you are looking. OR it could be in your email SPAM folder.

Note: Make sure your email system is not blocking our site domain name (the part after the @ sign in the websites email address)  " or or ".

     7. ckeck the "Forgot Password" and you must enter your "email of record" AND "username".

     8. An email will be sent to your "email of record" containing a new password.

     9. It is recommended after auto reseting your password (the temporary password generated after a reset is not very user rememberable) ; change your password. This is done in your "Profile"  >>My Profile >> Edit >> Edit Profile >> Contact Info  .  (follow the preceeding tabs). There will be a password field and a verify password field. Make sure you enter the same password you chose in both fields the same. The password must be eight (8) characters (alfa and numeric; upper and lower case sensitive). Remember to "Save" your profile after changing your password or changing anything else in your profile. "Cancel" if you're not sure what you're doing. If you are having difficulties, please contact the webmaster.

Note: The the username or password is sent to your "email of record". Only persons that access this eamil account can read these emails. They are not stored on the website server. I recommend you delete these emails from your account once you are through. If you have an online email account such as Hotmail or Gmail, you must delete them while in the accout using your browser and then got to "trash" or "deleted email" folder and delete them again. If you use Outlook or Express to retrieve email from an online account, you need to delete the email in you Outlook accout and the online account (explained above). If you use a Linux or Unix email based service, the delete process is more difficult, but since you have one of these accounts, you should know how to delete completly any email.

Note: If you change you password immediately after using the password sent to you in email, this password will no long work nor be of value to anyone that reads the email. However, it does contain your username. Hense the reason to delete. It will just make it harder for someone to try cracking your account because they need both the username and password.

Note: our website has security that will lock your account if too many unsuccessful attempt to login are detected. If you receive notice your account is locked (the webmaster will also be notified) you should contact the webmaster to investigate and make things secure for you again.

When all else fails and you can't get the auto reset to work, call the webmaster on the phone and get personalize help; if no answer; email the webmaster. The webmaster can reset your password immediately making that set a bit easier for you. that means both you and the webmaster know your password, not necessarily something that will make you feel OK. The webmaster is too busy with other things to want to remember your password, so its relatively still a secret. However, it is still recommended to change your password. The webmaster can step you thorugh the process and ensure the change works for you.

If you just get stuck or confused, you should contact the webmaster for assistance. See >>Contact Us >> webmaster link to send message. Include your name and contact information.

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