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How to Register

This site was developed primarily to meet the repository needs of the MARCA membership. The site is "conditionally" OPEN to all licensed Amateur Radio operators and those interested in Amateur Radio. If you are not a MARCA member, you are welcome to register as a "Registered Guest".

If you are not a licensed amateur, you may register but will need a sudo "call sign" to enter in the "username" field. Please contact one of the officers listed under the <<Contact Us>> menus for assistance. They will make arrangements for you to register.

It helps to understand that a "Registration" is a "request" process and there are several interactive step all handled by email. So watch you email inbox for these important emails as you go through this process.

1. On the >>Welcome page there are two places to begin. 

2. Notice the " Register " link under the "Login" button.

3. Click on the Register link. A registration form will be presented.

4. Answer all the questions.

Hint: If you hover your mouse curser over the "field name" or the "i" for icon, a little popup instruction box will appear with specifics on what is needed in the respective field.

5. Check the "Terms and Conditions" Box. You can read the terms and conditions by clicking on the link. You may download a PDF copy and or <Print> a copy for reference.

6. Click the "Register" button. "Registration Complete" page will be presented.

7. NEXT: You will now receive an email to your "email of record" asking you to "Confirm" your email address. The email contains a link you must click; it will open your browser, connect to this site, and present a page stating  "Thank you for confirming your Email Address". Until you validate your email via this link, the registration process is in a "WAITING" state. A Moderator will not be notified until your email address is validated. Once it is, an email notification is sent to a Moderator to "manually" approve or deny your request. You will receive an email with the outcome of the Moderator's action; approve or deny.

Note: It should take less than 60 seconds for an email to be send from our website to your email inbox.

Note: Make sure your email of record inbox is NOT BLOCKING emails for our website. Make sure your inbox can receive all emails from our domain ( ), which is everything after the @ sign.

8. At this time the system will forward your "Registration Request" to the Board for Approval. This is done by email within 5 mintues notifying the Board members responsible for approval. Expecations for a board member to read email may take 1-2 days.

9. A designated member of the Board (designated person such as the webmaster) will then initiate an approval into the system. (after receiving notification email and doing validation check on your residency and or ownership status).

10. The system will then send you a second "Welcome" email along with instructions on how to login.

11. You should be able to logon with your user name and password you used in the registration form.

12. The first time you logon, you will be asked to complete and validate your user profile. After you have completed that task, you are free to roam around the site.

13. Also notice when you Logon, you will see more menu options. Also look at the articles in the Front Page. You should see more articles that are viewable by registered members only. Public articles will be moved to the bottom of the page.

14. If you have difficulties with the Registration process, you can always contact the webmaster. See the <<Contact Us>> page and click on webmaster to send a email or by phone. Include your name and contact information.

Thank You,

Webmaster W7MOT