Who Is On-Line:

The MARCA Website Library for Dummy's

If you're reading this page, you may think you're lost or something is broken. Not so.  You landed here, because you "clicked" just the Library tab and not on one of the dropdown links. So, this is the page you should see at this time.


How Does the Library Work

The Library is organized, questionabilly. If you are a Member in Good Standing, you will have permissions to view all files, except the Webmaster's behind the sences stuff. Guests may view some "Public" information but not all.

MENU Navigation is always under review and change to improve, maybe..., or to make it easier to find and display some key information already in the library but sometimes difficult to quickly navigate to & access.

To "ENTER" the Library and ByPass this page, instead of "clicking" on the [Library] tab, .... just hover your mouse pointer over the [Library] tab, and magically a dropdown menu will appear, then move your mouse pointer to the "Main Topic" you want to explore and "click". Cool... 


Documents and Arcticles

Good question and it's complicatedly Simple.

There are two kinds of "Media" in the Library. Unfortunetly, this webmaster doesn't know how to integrate them. There are two kinds of Library Items or Media; Web Articles and Documents.

A "Document" is file, something like a Word Document, Spreadsheets, Picture, PDF, Picture, Video, and so on. Typically, there are "Uploaded" and stored on our website. They can be shared by "downloading" them. Some can even be viewed and read on the website. Example, a book that is a PDF type file can be uploaded, or downloaded or viewed directly "opening" and reading on-line. 

"Articles" are different than "Files" ... they sort of exist in ... "The Cloud" ... so to speak... actually scattered around in a database. They consist of HTML code, can include a file, or weblinked data from anywhere and then all the components are scattered across one or many databases. They don't exist in one container like a file. They can't be downloaded but can be "copied" and or "extracted" from your PC Browser. Some Articles can be "Printed" directly to your local Printer. Articles are created by a website Editor application. No, this is not where you will learn how to create an Article.


Our Library is Divided into Two Areas, Articles and Files

All the Documents and Articles are placed into Categories. Here things get really dicey. Articles have their own Category list and Documents (files) have their own Category list. Yes, they can have the same name but they are independent lists and I don't know how to "merge" them for viewing.

A MENU Main Topic is a Category, But from WHICH which Category listing?

My Approach to the organization of the LIbrary drop down menu of topics.

1. Two Main Topics, a List All Article Categories and a List All Document Categories.

2. Subject Specific Categories: this will list all Articles or Documents within that respective Category. Assumption is you probably don't know or care if what you are looking for is an Article or Document.




This Library Menu & Organization is expected to constantly changing. You are welcome to email any suggestions or questions to the Webmaster.

Thank You,