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MARCA Election Results 2017 to 2018 Officers and Board

The campaining has quieted down, ballots submitted, counted, and results are ready. It was an extremely close election. A recount was called, performed, and supported the initial results. 

Balloting was accomplished using Google Forms Survey. Members were send balloting instructions and access instructions to their email of record, online profile at w7mot.org.

Balloting opened 11/30/2016               Balloting closed: 12/4/2016.

Your new MARCA Officers and Board, effective 1 January 2017 to 31 December 2018, are:

  • President             Norm Johnson, AA7OO
  • Vice President    Dave Hall, N7ZPY
  • Secretary            TD Kennard, N7ISR
  • Treasurer            Don Aldridge, WA7RLL
  • Board                  Dusty Morris, W7ITM

The outgoing President remains a voting member of the Board and will Chair the 2018 Election Committee.

  • Past President     Paul Boyce, KJ7KY

Congradulation to each of the incoming MARCA Officers and·Board Members.

Best Regards and 73's,

Norm Johnson, AA7OO
Election Committee Chair, MARCA