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MARCA Officer Election Results 2023-2024


The election of our corporate officers of MARCA for 2023-2024 has been completed and certified.  Please help support our new board of directors in the coming year.  Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, and Jolly DXing.


President, Ray Vasquez, K4RMV
Vice President, Tom Morrissey, KE7TM
Treasurer, Norm Johnson, AA7OO
Secretary, Paul Bennett, KD7KDO
Board of Director, David Yee, N7AJR


BTW, the election went smooth, no hanging chads, no suspected fraud.  We had a slightly less than 50% turn out in voting.  It was a close race for VP but not close enough to trigger a re-count.


While relaxing at home near your computer, please check out the new website design Norm has done, ensure your profile is up to date and you can access your account. 


Also, think about what types of activities you want to do in 2023.  I would like a day to build some dipoles, but need to visit a hamfest or two to pick up some baluns, some wire and whatever else we might want to experiment with at Field Day.


What are your interests and how do you want to get involved in building our MARCA community?


Paul Bennett, kd7kdo

Secretary, MARCA