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November 2023 General Membership Meeting
When: Tuesday November 14th, 2023 @ 18:30 MST
2nd Tuesday of the Month ... now that's different I noticed!
Meetings are open to all Amateurs, Interested Visitors, and of course all MARCA members.
Presentation:  "EME - My Lifelong Adventure" by Ned Stearns, AA7A(k4rmv).
License Exam Session # 1:  is 2nd Tuesday November 14th. 
     begins @ 5:00pm
pre-register, have FRN, and Exam fee $15 [cash only please].
     same location .... Denny's Rural & AZ-60 SE Corner.
License Exam Session # 2:  Cancelled the Following WEEK 
     3rd Tuesday November 21st. 
     begins @ 5:00pm
pre-register, have FRN, and Exam fee $15 [cash only please].
     same location .... Denny's Rural & AZ-60 SE Corner.
Read this AGAIN repeat READ THIS AGAIN ....
When: Tuesday November 14th, 2023 @ 18:30 MST
Where Location: Denny's Rural & AZ-60 SE Corner
Meeting Rm in back will accommodate both the License Exam Session & Meeting:
 Denny's on SE corner of Rural & AZ-60 in Tempe
4403 S. Rural Rd.
Tempe, Az 85282
Arrive early, say 18:00 MST, order a Denny's Special; or check-into ZOOM early; check-in & introduce yourself. There's always an opportunity to open a discussion on just about any topic related to amateur radio or just plain chit chat about the weather. When arriving early, please be considerate if License Exam Session is in progress.
Zoom Meeting    (connection details):
Zoom Link: click HERE
Meeting ID:  829 3599 3035
Password:  443050
Dave, n7zpy, is Zoom Net Control & Greeting Host 
[ZOOM made available by Brian McCarthy, ak7f].
Click the "Read More" link below to see Full Agenda...
Meeting Agenda for Tuesday November 21st, 2023
Zoom Net Control ... Check-In starts about 6:00 pm-ish MST; (Net Control is Dave, n7zpy).
Meeting Call to Order & Welcome [6:30 pm]; (Ray, k4rmv).
VE License Session: VE Session is Tuesday October 21st 2023 @ 5pm: (Ray, k4rmv).
Presentation: "EME - My Lifelong Adventure" by Ned Stearns, AA7A(k4rmv).
Business Meeting (if there is a quorum of Board members)
  • Approve Minutes: October 2023 Minutes: (Ray, k4rmv).
  • Treasurer's Summary Report: October 2023; (Norm, aa7oo).
  • Membership Report: October 2023; (Norm, aa7oo).
  • 2023-2024 New Membership Introductions and Approval (Norm, aa7oo).
QSTs (Ray, k4rmv).
  • 2024 Membership Dues:
    • Treasure is Accepting 2024 Membership Dues.
    • Treasurer is Always Accepting Membership Applications.
  • Hamfests: (http://www.arca-az.org/).
    • 2 Dec 23; Superstition Superfest; Watch for details.
    • 13 Jan; Thunderbird ARC; Haven Church, 5902 W Cactus Road, Glendale, Az.
    • 21-27 Jan 24; Quartzfest, Roadrunner BLM outside of Quartzsite, Az.
  • ADAW Newsletter: send Club "News" & "Activities" to (Clark, KI7TU).
  • MARCA Members: **too many bounced emails**:
      • update "email of record & profile " w7mot.org
      • then email the Treasurer & Secretary your updates.
  • All members continue to have access to four digital magazines: QSTOn the AirQEX, and NCJ. Printed-and-mailed issues of QST and On the Air magazines will not be included with current and new memberships effective January 1, 2024. Print subscriptions are available and sold separately. A summary of 2024 dues rates and related changes are available at www.arrl.org/2024-dues-rates.
  • QSTs from the floor.
Committee Reports; [By-Laws]; (Ray, k4rmv).
  • Website W7MOT.org Committee: (Norm, aa7oo).
  • Interference Committee: (Norm, aa7oo) (Tom, ke7tm).
  • Contest Committee: (Paul, kd7kdo).
    • FMT November 2023 Challenge.
  • Education Committee: (<name>, <call>).
    • VE Testing Update: (Ray, k4rmv).
    • MARCA Technology Net; status; (Tuesday) ; (Tony, kb7u).
  • Emergency Committee: (<name>, <call>).
  • Interference Trustee: (Norm, aa7oo).
  • Membership Committee: (Norm, aa7oo).
  • Nomination Committee: (Sept 2024) (Norm, aa7oo).
  • Program Committee: (Mike, k7urk).
  • Project Committee: (Dave, n7zpy).
    • 24th_St [Internet]; (Paul, kd7kdo; Tom, ke7cli; (Dave, n7zpy).
    • OnSimi 52nd Site Relocation; (Paul, kd7kdo).
    • Inventory of Assets; (Norm, aa7oo).
    • Storage Re-Organization & Cleanup: (Dave, n7zpy).
  • Publicity Committee: (Clark, ki7tu).
    • ADAW: editor: (Clark, ki7tu).
    • Facebook: (Norm, aa7oo).
  • Technical Committee: (Dave, n7zpy).
    • Repeater Owners Committee Meeting Updates; (Dave, n7zpy).
    • ARCA Meeting Updates; (Dave, n7zpy).
    • Repeater Site Reports.
      • DStar updates & status; (Paul, kd7kdo; Norm, aa7oo).
        • Internet.
      • W7MOT-2 Payson 144.390Mhz APRS Digi; (Dave, n7zpy).
      • W7MOT-3 White Tank 144.390Mhz APRS Digi; (Paul, kd7kdo).
      • W7MOT-4 White Tank 445.925Mhz APRS Digi; (Paul, kd7kdo).
      • W7MOT-6 White Tank 145.710Mhz 1200 Packet; (Paul, kd7kdo).
      • W7MOT-8 Mt. Elden 144.390Mhz APRS Digi; (Mark, kc7kmp).
      • W7MOT-8 Mt. Elden 145.010Mhz 1200 Packet; (Mark, kc7kmp).
      • W7MOT-10 Mt. Ord 144.390Mhz APRS Digi; (Paul, kd7kdo).
      • W7MOT-11 Mt. Ord 445.925Mhz APRS Digi; (Paul, kd7kdo).
      • W7MOT-13 Pinal Pk 145.710Mhz 1200 Packet; (Dave, n7zpy).
      • W7MOT-14 24th St 442.975Mhz Voice; (Paul, kd7kdo).
      • W7MOT-15 24th St 927.4375Mhz Voice; (Paul, kd7kdo).
      • W7MOT-24 South Mtn 443.050 Mhz Voice; (Dave, n7zpy).
      • W7MOT-25 South Mtn 927.2125 Mhz Voice; (Dave, n7zpy).
      • W7MOT-37 Scottsdale 443.150Mhz Fusion; (Ron, wb9exl).
      • W7MOT-33 Scottsdale GD 147.340Mhz Voice; (Tom, ke7tm).
      • W7MOT-34 Scottsdale GD 442.025Mhz Voice; (Tom, ke7tm).
      • W7MOT-36 Scottsdale GD 927.3875Mhz Voice; (Tom, ke7tm).
      • W7MOT-44 Payson 442.975Mhz Voice; (Dave, n7zpy).
      • W7MOT-45 Payson 927.4375Mhz Voice; (Dave, n7zpy).
      • W7MOT-52 52nd St 442.050Mhz Voice: (Paul, kd7kdo).
    • Technical Committee Issues List; (Dave, n7zpy).
    • Technologies topics.
      • DStar DRats; (Paul, kd7kdo).
      • DStar Scripts, (Paul, kd7kdo; Norm, aa7oo).
      • APRS; txt, email, files, video; (Paul, kd7kdo).
      • WinLink; (<name>, <call>).
      • VARA; (<name>, <call>)
      • Mesh; (<name>, <call>).
Old Business (Ray, k4rmv).
  • MARCA 2024 new and renewal member dues are being accepted: (Norm, aa7oo).
  • Attendance Raffle: must be present to win; (Ray, k4rmv).
  • TechSoup Software; (Norm aa7oo).
  • ARRL Book Club; (Norm aa7oo).
  • D-Rats for Emcom; (Paul, kd7kdo).
  • WT DStar Spare Controller ;(Norm, aa7oo; Paul, kd7kdo).
  • <forgotten old business> (Ray, k4rmv).
New Business (Ray, k4rmv).
  • 2023 Holiday Diner; (David, n7ajr).
  • FMT Nov 23 Challenge (Paul, kd7kdo).
  • new item 4;(??,??).
Open to the Floor (Ray, k4rmv).
Adjourn (Ray, k4rmv).
Close Net; (Dave, n7zpy).