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November 2021 General Membership Meeting ....

General Membership meetings are open to all MARCA members, guests, and those interested in Amateur Radio.

The next Meeting is Tuesday November 16th 2021 @ 18:30 MST

Meetings are open to anyone interested in Amateur Radio, any particular presentation of interest, MARCA Members of course, any friends and family. There's alway an opprotunity to open a discussion topic on just about any thing related to amateur radio or just plain ol chit chat about the weather.
This will be an "In Person" Meeting at Denny's with hybrid Zoom .

Meeting location: 

Denny's Tempe
825 S 48th Street
Tempe, Arizona 85281

Located on the South East section of University Dr and 48th Street.
Access is only from 48th Street, NOT the Hohokam Freeway (AZ 143). South bound 48th Street is just EAST of the Hohokam Fwy (exit and entrance intersections) on South side of University. Driving south bound on 48th Street, the parking entrance is the first LEFT; or if North bound on 48th St from Broadway Rd, the last RIGHT before University Dr. Plenty of lighted parking.

 Zoom Meeting details:

         Zoom Link: click HERE

Meeting ID:  829 3599 3035
Password:  443050

Check In & Tune UP for some ZOOM TIME with Chit Chat Greetings ...... 6:00 PM local MST

Dave, n7zpy, remains our Zoom Net Control Greeting Host [conference administrator / with Brian's, ak7f, assistance].
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Meeting Agenda for 16 November 2021
Zoom Net Control ... Check-In starting abt 6:00 pm-ish; (Dave, n7zpy).
Meeting Call to Order & Welcome [6:30 pm]; (Norm, aa7oo).
Presentation:  TBD (Ray, k4rmv).
Business Meeting
Minutes:  October 2021 (Norm, aa7oo).
Treasurer's Summary Report: Novemberr 2021 (Don Aldridge, wa7rll).
VE Testing Report (Ray, k4rmv).
QSTs (Norm, aa7oo).
  • SARC & MARCA Christmas Dinner; 1 Dec 2021 6:00pm, EVIT.
  • Hamfests (
  • Superstition Hamfest; 4 Dec 2021; time/location TBA.
  • Thunderbird Hamfest, 16 January 2022; Glendale, Az.; .
  • Yuma Hamfest, 18-19 February 2022, Yuma Az. .
  • Springfest, SARC, 19 March 2022, Scottsdale, Az.
  • DeVry Hamfest, April 2022, DeVry University, Phoenix, Az.
  • Dayton Hamvention; 20-22 May 2022; .
  • <enter new Hamfest here>.
  • AmazonSmiles for MARCA; Checking Out on Amazon select MARCA as your Non-Profit donation.
  • MARCA Members: email of record; so we can all communicate.
  • To UPDATE goto  Login>>Contact Us>>Members>>Edit My Profile....
  • Provide the same information to the Treasurer & Secretary; see >> Contact Us .
  • QSTs from the floor.
Old Business (Norm, aa7oo)
  • MARCA Public Relation - Facebook, ADAW editor, web articles (Norm, aa7oo).
  • MARCA Repeater Nets; Net Control; S Mtn Rptr; (Tony, kb7u).
  • SARC & MARCA Holiday Dinner; (Ray, k4rmv).
  • 2022 ARRL Field Day; planning status update; (Don, wa7rll).
  • <enter missed old business item(s) here>.
Repeater Maintenance & Problem Status Reports (Norm, aa7oo)
  • DStar update & status; (Paul, kd7kdo; Norm, aa7oo).
  • Packet status; (Paul, kd7kdo).
  • Chandler MOU; (Ray, k4rmv).
  • City of Chandler EOC; (Ray, k4rmv).
  • Mt Elden; maintenance visit on hold; (Dave, n7zpy).
  • Pinal Peak; maintenance visit on hold; (Dave, n7zpy).
  • <enter new item(s) here>.
Project Status (Norm, aa7oo)
  • Mt. Elden - add VARA / Winlink update - Hold (Ray, k4rmv; Mike, k7urk).
  • Mesh Update - completed (Gary, ac7r).
  • <enter new item(s) here>.
New Business (Norm, aa7oo)
  • <enter new business item here>.
  • Open to the Floor.
Close Net; (Norm, aa7oo).