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Meeting Agenda for May 17 2022
Zoom Net Control ... Check-In starting abt 6:00 pm-ish; (Dave, n7zpy).
Meeting Call to Order & Welcome [6:30 pm]; (Norm, aa7oo).
Presentation:  Grounding & Bonding by Andy Keels, kd4abb; (Ray, k4rmv).
Business Meeting
Minutes:  April 2022 (Norm, aa7oo).
Treasurer's Summary Report: May 2022 (Don Aldridge, wa7rll).
VE Testing Report (Ray, k4rmv).
QSTs (Norm, aa7oo).
Hamfests (
Cochise Hamfest; 7 May 2022; Serria Vista, Az.
Prescott Hamfest; 14 May 2022; Prescot, Az;
Dayton Hamvention; 20-22 May 2022; .
TARA Ham Swapfest; 1 Oct 2022; Payson, Az;
<enter new Hamfest here>.
ARRL World Wide Digital Contest; 4-5 June 2022.
AmazonSmiles for MARCA; set MARCA as your Non-Profit; a percent of purchase is sent to MARCA;  there is no cost to you.
MARCA Members: update your email of record.
goto  Login>>Contact Us>>Members>>Edit My Profile....
or send update to Secretary; see >> Contact Us .
QSTs from the floor.
Old Business (Norm, aa7oo)
MARCA Repeater Nets; Net Control; S Mtn Rptr; (Tony, kb7u).
2022 ARRL Field Day; planning status update; (Don, wa7rll; Paul, kd7kdo).
<enter missed old business item(s) here>.
Repeater Maintenance & Problem Status Reports (Norm, aa7oo)
DStar Internet update & status; (Paul, kd7kdo; Norm, aa7oo).
<enter new item(s) here>.
Projects & Status (Norm, aa7oo)
MARCA Public Relation - Facebook, ADAW editor, web articles (Norm, aa7oo).
Mt. Elden - add VARA / Winlink update - Status (Ray, k4rmv; Mike, k7urk).
White Tanks Internet & Dstar (Paul, kd7kdo; Norm, aa7o).
<enter new item(s) here>.
New Business (Norm, aa7oo)
<enter new business item here>.
Open to the Floor
Close Net; (Dave, n7zpy).