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               Date: 27 August 2022

What's This You Ask? ... As a website explorer, you either purposely or accidently clicked on the main menu >>Repeaters  button and found this hidden gem information page about MARCA's Repeaters, instead of maybe clicking on one of the dropdown menu buttons.  

MARCA owned repeaters are located on Central Arizona Mountain Tops providing a wide coverage areas for Central Arizona and the Phoenix Valley.

Repeater modes include FM Voice, APRS, Packet, DStar, and Fusion.

Bands include; 2 meter, 70 centimeter, 900 MHz, and 1.2 GHz.

Some Repeaters are designated and/or scheduled for EMCOM or EOC or Club Net usage. If you hear a net in progress ["we do listen before keying"], please respect their activity. If there is a declared emergency, EMCOM and EOC NETs are given priority use for the duration of the emergency. These schedules and usages are established in cooperation with the MARCA Board and W7MOT Trustee.

Menu dropdown choices:

    • Report a Repeater Problem:

Use this button to generate a repeater report & email to all Site Managers.

    • Repeaters by Call Sign
    • Repeaters by QTH.
    • Repeaters by Frequency.
    • Repeaters by Mode.
    • W7MOT Repeater Locations on a MAP;   a graphical view of locations.
    • ARA Repeaters on a MAP;   a graphical view of locations.
    • DStar Registration Link  [not working due to White Tank Internet issues].