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Welcome to the Website Registration and Membership Application Page. Guests are welcome to register, just 'click' "Website Registration". Guests have limited access to some internal club documents. MARCA Members and Guest can receive the MARCA Newsletter and Notices. You may also use this same page to "submit" a MARCA Membership Application. Just 'check' the "MARCA Membership Application". Membership acceptance requires approval by Members and Receipt of Dues [$25.00].
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IMPORTANT: You will be sent an email containing an embedded "Email Confirmation" link (within the next few minutes). You MUST click on this link to VALIDATE your email address with the MARCA website. After email VALIDATION is received (typically within seconds), the Webmaster and Moderators will be notification of your "Pending" request or Membership Application. Approved depends on when Moderators read their emails and then take action to "Approve" your website account request (typically by the next day). You will then receive a "Welcome" email notifying you when your request has been approve (typically within 10 minutes of Webmaster or Moderator's approval). Your Membership Application Acceptance will require other actions which you will receive a email either from the Treasurer or Secretary.